Bangladesh to import 10.4 lakh huge amounts of oil

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The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has glided a global delicate to import gasoil, stream fuel, 180-centistoke high sulfur fuel oil, and 95-octane gas in four bundles.

The organization skimmed the delicate on May 7 and opened the citations on May 17. An aggregate of seven universal organizations offer in the delicate, said Mohammad Zahid Hossain, an appointee head supervisor at the BPC. 

BPC expected to import 870,000 tons of gasoil with a sulfur substance of close to 500 sections for every million (ppm), 120,000 tons of stream fuel, 20,000 tons of 180-centistoke high sulfur fuel oil and 30,000 tons of 95-octane gas. 

Indian Oil Corporation is the most reduced bidder for bundles "B" and "D" for providing 430,000 tons of diesel and 50,000 tons of stream fuel during July-December and 30,000 tons of gas through two equivalent packages in August and November, said BPC sources. 

Chinese organization Unipec is the most minimal bidder of the delicate for bundle "A" for providing 440,000 tons of gasoil and 70,000 tons of fly fuel. 

In spite of the fact that Singapore-based Vitol Pte Ltd is the most minimal bidder of bundle "C" for providing 20,000 tons of high sulfur heater oil, BPC sources said the delicate would be dropped in light of the fact that, according to the necessity, in any event three organizations need to offer. 

"It is unsure with regards to who is winning the delicate in light of the fact that it is as yet being assessed, think about numerous things regarding a bidder," Zahid Hossain disclosed to The Business Standard. 

An executive gathering of BPC is planned to be hung on May 21 where the victors will be finished.

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