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Flexible craftsman Rafiath Rashid Mithila has been keeping up social separation and staying inside. She has been investing energy with her little girl and doing innovative works. In this meeting with Star Showbiz, the entertainer discussed her short film made at home and what she misses the most during this time.

How have you been investing your energy inside? 

I have fundamentally been working all day from home. I'm investing energy with my little girl a great deal too, such as drawing and singing. I additionally help her investigation. I'm likewise doing family unit errands. 

Would you be able to say something regarding the short film that you made at home? 

In the correspondence world, we have this idea of awfully minuscule stories. I consider my short film a frightfully minuscule film since its length is just a single moment twenty-five seconds. I haven't generally had the option to submerge myself in all the inventive exercises I by and large do, so I figured this would be a pleasant venture. My brother by marriage, Iresh Zaker, thought of this thought and imparted it to me. My sibling, my little girl and I shot this on a telephone. My sibling, Maimun Khan, is an artist, and he did the altering and music creation. It ended up being great, so I shared it via web-based networking media and my YouTube channel. Individuals appeared to like it. 

Did you pick up anything new during this time? 

I don't think so. I think executing that 

minuscule film could be consid ered 

another aptitude. I am drawing, moving and singing since I have some leisure time now, yet they aren't recently obtained abilities since I had taken in those when I was youthful. I couldn't rehearse those 

before as I was occupied constantly. Other than that, there is nothing new that I've learnt. 

What do you miss most at the present time? 

I'm unquestionably missing my better half. It might sound weird since individuals for the most part hate going to work, however I miss BRAC Center. I used to spend a huge piece of the day, state ten hours, at my office, so I'm feeling the loss of that. All things considered, I'm not vexed about remaining at home. 

What is the main thing you will do after the lockdown is lifted? 

I'm not so much anticipating go out, yet the principal thing that I need to do is see my significant other. Possibly I'll go to Kolkata. 

Any message for the perusers? 

I realize everybody is experiencing an upsetting time and freezing, so it's critical to deal with ourselves. We need to deal with our psychological wellness also. We ought to do whatever fulfills us at home. We should remain at home since it is currently the main method of guarding ourselves as well as other people. We ought to keep up social removing and cleanliness appropriately and advise others to do likewise. I accept we can traverse this troublesome time together.

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