China security law 'could be end of Hong Kong'

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Genius popular government activists state they dread "the finish of Hong Kong", after China declared designs for another security law.

The US said the move could be "exceptionally destabilizing" and subvert China's commitments on Hong Kong's self-governance. 

China's National People's Congress will on Friday banter the law, planned for restricting dissidence and disruption. 

Supporters state it is expected to handle the savagery in political fights that ejected a year ago. Adversaries dread it will be utilized to evacuate fundamental opportunities. 

Why has the move caused such a furore? 

Hong Kong has watched a "one nation, two frameworks" strategy and a "high level of self-rule" since Britain returned sway to China in 1997. 

Yet, activists, and the genius vote based system development, feel this is being sabotaged by Beijing. 

What is the Basic Law and how can it work? 

For what reason are there fights in Hong Kong? All the setting you need 

A year ago, millions rampaged more than seven months to challenge a bill that would have permitted removals to territory China. Huge numbers of the fights turned savage. The bill was in the end delayed, and afterward pulled back.

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