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A private establishment of Suhana and Anis Ahmed conveys this message to society's all-haves while taking a few weights off the shoulders of no-haves during an exceptional philanthropic emergency that Bangladesh has ever looked due to coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the fact that not new to good cause, the Suhana and Anis Ahmed Foundation (SAAF) as of late hoarded the features when it collaborated with Bidyanondo Foundation, siphoning in Tk 1.05 crore reserve to give coronavirus pandemic help to 22,000 poor families in the country regions. The establishment likewise took almost 3,000 drivers of CNG three-wheelers under the care of its, dispensing Tk 1.84 crore to them as help for endurance, 57 days into the shutdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. 

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Suhana Lutfa Ahmed and her better half Anis Ahmed have an exceptionally eager dream to satisfy: some time or another their establishment also would be as decent as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The Daily Star (TDS) connected with Anis Ahmed (AA), the proprietor of combination MGH Group, who talked finally from Singapore about only foundation. 

The pandemic is set to keep going long, and individuals in the low-level of pay are going to endure the greatest shot from this emergency. Anis trusts, activities of their establishment would rouse the organizations and wealthiest individuals in our general public to accomplish something for the poor in an additionally satisfying manner. Sharing of riches and zakat in an organized manner can have an enormous effect during this season of grave emergency. 

TDS: Which year did you set up the establishment? 

AA: The establishment was officially settled on July 12, 2017. 

We, be that as it may, began such foundation work in 2009 when I was in Karachi on an excursion for work, and met an old companion, at that point Bangladesh's representative high magistrate to Pakistan, over espresso. I was attempting to know whether my association (MGH Group has branches in Karachi and Lahore) could help the Bangladeshi people group there. A decent number of laborers, workers and cooks are broadly utilized in Pakistan. 

I was approached on the off chance that I could help pay for the repatriation of seven Bangladeshis, who were discharged from Karachi prison following eight years, and had no methods for getting back. For absence of cash and finding no other options, these liberated Bangladeshis remained back in the prison, only for three dinners every day and a spot to remain in. Furthermore, everything began from that point forward. 

In 2012, we brought back home 20 vagrants from Tanzanian jail, 18 from Egypt, and one female laborer from Lebanon. Unfortunately, this venture was halted for absence of help from NGOs. 

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TDS: What propelled you to set up an establishment? 

AA: To have an organized and feasible methodology for connecting with more individuals who need assistance. In the wake of serving our own special network up to fulfillment, our establishment would like to help and enable worldwide networks sometime in the not so distant future, to which we additionally have a place. 

TDS: What roused you to do noble cause thusly? 

AA: I'm an energetic adherent of Bill Gates and particularly affected by the activity of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I generally feel, it's the manner by which you do your business, resign and afterward commit your life to the humankind, with your significant other right close to you! 

I'm 55. It's my opportunity to concentrate more on network work. We're arranging and planning for it, more strongly than previously. 

TDS: Any significant activity for networks before the establishment was set up? 

AA: We helped assemble an advanced activity theater at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital Burn Unit, and it gives us a gigantic fulfillment still. In 2013, I was drawn closer by Dr Samanta Lal Sen, the renowned plastic specialist who established the consume unit at DMCH, to help modernize the unsteady activity theater. The consume unit has a best in class activity theater now. In those days, we helped Dr Sen on state of namelessness. 

Having been presented to the horrid open human services framework from very close, we began subsidizing in numerous clinic offices: we dispersed newborn child hatcheries, brilliant warmers (at DMCH, Shariatpur Sadar Hospital and Dhaka Shishu Hospital) to help forestall passings of new-conceived babies, savvy stick for dazzle understudies and so on. 

TDS: Recall the principal noble cause through the establishment. How energizing and fulfilling right? 

AA: It's a drawn out undertaking with kids' leukemia ward at BSMMU (Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Medical University). Since 2018, the establishment has been working with the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of BSMMU to give a generally, all day, every day support for all kid patients in the 31-bed limit ward. 

The establishment is providing two vital drugs to patients and giving paid specialist, sanitisation, tidbits and beds with new spread, pad, material and so forth. We've intended to give much more help to this exceptional ward: TVs at each bed, cleanliness units for guests, care staff, dwelling support for families, etc. 

TDS: How compensating is this intentional giving of help? 

AA: I don't have the foggiest idea how to depict those emotions when a kid recuperates from leukemia to head home or return to class, youngster patients increase more prominent perceivability after waterfall expulsion at the eye camps we support, daze understudies continue with their lives with the sonar-sticks we gave, or the manner in which grin breaks at the side of mouths after assistance comes to the powerless. It's a real existence worth living, I feel at that point. 

TDS: What jobs the prime supporters play? Your contemplations and dreams about the establishment? How would you contrast SAAF and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? 

AA: Suhana and I share our fantasies, designs and settle on what we need to accomplish by a particular timeframe. Picking a venture through long research is critical, and here Suhana assumes a major job in the establishment. I, then again, center more around activating help for the task we pick. 

We intend to work with the youthful age more. SAAF would help and helping youthful Bangladeshis increasingly more to get training and abilities that would be required for them to succeed universally. 

Our young age is astute, exemplary, versatile and decided. We need to help a portion of the individuals who are qualified however short on funds. We have as of late supported a grant program at Brac University for six understudies every year, of them three are studying software engineering and designing. We are in conversation with other private colleges to present such grant programs on programming, cloud organize the executives and so forth. 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a famous altruistic association, which is engaged with major worldwide causes - from general wellbeing to squander water reusing, to counteraction of pestilence. Our unassuming activity could not the slightest bit be contrasted and that of the world's most extravagant couple. In any case, when we consider giving, we consider Gates Foundation to get us persuaded. 

TDS: Does the establishment have any strict inclination while choosing individuals or foundations for a noble cause? 

AA: No, there is no strict predisposition by any stretch of the imagination. 

TDS: How has your establishment reacted to social causes during this pandemic? 

AA: We took an interest in the dry-food program of Bidyanondo Foundation, which I saw as powerful as Kishore, the author of Bidyanondo, is very composed. We bolstered around 2,500 CNG-run three-wheeler drivers for two months during the shutdown. We're inquiring about and arranging what more we could do if the shutdown is expanded or what sort of venture we could attempt to help powerless networks in the midst of disease aftermaths. 

TDS: What exercise the prosperous in the general public can take from your drive? 

AA: When you contact the most impeded networks, you get the chance to acknowledge how favored you are throughout everyday life. A bit of giving can be so very satisfying! Before, we accepted foundation ought not to be announced. Be that as it may, this pandemic has changed our perspectives totally. Presently, we need the wealthy to think about our drives with the goal that more hands approach in the government assistance of poor people.

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