Plasma Therapy Trial: Two specialists give blood at DMCH

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Two doctors, who are Covid-19 survivors, gave plasma at Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday for the preliminary of Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) planned for treating coronavirus patients.

They made this gift at the hematology division of the medical clinic under the oversight of Prof MA Khan, who heads the specialized sub-advisory group on plasma treatment at DMCH. 

"We will require one more week to begin the treatment on debilitated patients. We will keep on gathering blood to separate plasma from other COVID-19 survivors to forestall misuse of units for this," Prof Khan, likewise executive of the division, disclosed to The Daily Star. 

Toward the start, around 30 to 45 patients will be given plasma treatment, said this prominent doctor, who has been co-picked as a part to the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) shaped to battle coronavirus pandemic. 

As there is no medication to treat Covid-19, specialists in various nations are utilizing CPT - removing blood plasma from a person who has recuperated from Covid-19 and transfusing it into a patient. This method is still under preliminary. 

The two specialists who gave blood yesterday are Dildar Hossain Badol of Shaheed Shuhrawardy Medical College Hospital and Rawnak Jamil of Salimullah Medical College Hospital. They recouped on May 9 and May 5 individually. 

On April 18, the wellbeing service shaped a specialized panel headed by Prof MA Khan to direct plausibility of this technique for treating Covid-19 patients. 

A convention the council submitted to the Bangladesh Medical Research Center (BMRC) is yet under assessment. 

The council began gathering plasma yesterday after the DMCH authority morally allowed the preliminary 

"The Directorate General of Health Services likewise gave consent for this. There are not many more procedures - testing immune response, coordinating blood gatherings, and so on. We have gathered units from Spain for this, with support gift by a private association," Dr Khan said. 

"We will finish essential research with this help. We will require subsidizing from the administration for this," he included. 

He asked the individuals who have recouped from Covid-19 to approach to give plasma. 

At first, the treatment will be controlled on the weak patients at the Covid-19 unit of DMCH and furthermore at Kuwait-Moitree Hospital. 

When it will be demonstrated productive, the treatment will be utilized enormously. 


On April 28, the World Health Organization (WHO) distributed a report referencing utilization of 33 medications and around 200 kinds of treatment strategies which are being applied on Covid-19 patients over the globe. 

Plasma treatment is one of those techniques. Numerous nations including China, the United State, and United Kingdom have begun it and got positive results. 

The blood from individuals who've recouped is called gaining strength plasma. Plasma is the fluid part of the blood. 

Scientists trust that healing plasma can be given to individuals with extreme COVID-19 to help their capacity to battle the infection. 

It additionally may assist keep with peopling who are reasonably sick from getting all the more sick and encountering COVID-19 entanglements. 

China is the main nation which utilized this treatment on ten patients under a clinical preliminary. 

Of the patients, eight recouped from their disease. 

Thinking about possibilities, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted clinical research on plasma treatment. 

Numerous medical clinics on the planet are currently directing examination on this strategy and accepting positive outcome.

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