Osman family remains alongside individuals out of luck

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Osman family is the most presumed and notable family in Narayanganj area for its tremendous political and social government assistance exercises. The family has been constantly dedicated to work for the prosperity of the individuals of the area.

Independent of political and strict personality, the Osman family has been quietly completing different exercises to help the oppressed who are battling with basic circumstances during general occasions. 

The family is giving different backings to individuals out of luck. They are giving food to starving individuals, human services to wiped out, covering dead assemblage of crown patients, orchestrating Janaza and memorial services. 

Various groups of this family are dynamic in the field to give every single kind help to individuals of the territory in an orderly manner. 

The groups are—Mobile bKash group, cruiser crisis group, auto-rickshaw and van group and memorial service group. 

From the earliest starting point of this circumstance, the family proclaimed that on one of their area will starve or none beyond words the street without getting treatment. 

The family follows the message of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina offering types of assistance to all not looking for characters who are Awami League or who is BNP. 

Two administrators – Shamim Osman and Salim Osman – from the conventional family have proceeded with their endeavors to serve the individuals during the pandemic circumstance. 

Moreover, Salma Osman Lipi, companion of Shamim Osman and their child Imtian Osman Oyan additionally occupied with social work to help individuals following the family foundation. 

In a joint effort with District Administration and District Police, they dispersed 10 a large number of sanitisers and 10 a huge number of facial veils among the mass. 

Also, the family offered specialized help to the street disinfectant activity in 27 wards of the metropolitan zones and conveyed nourishments among 5 thousand oppressed individuals. 

Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha Chairperson Salma Osman Lipi has been giving nourishments among workless destitute individuals in the corner of night throughout the previous one month. 

Then, the social extremist Lipi has given food backing to 6 thousand groups of Fatulla, Siddhirganj, Bandar and Sadar territories of the region. She took the crisis activities through the volunteers to convey food among the poor on request. 

In front of Eid ul Fitr, the family has showed a drive to offer money related help worth of Tk 20 million among poor and jobless ones however portable financial stages. 

Obviously, Member of Parliament Shamim Osman vowed a Tk 9.9 million gift to remain adjacent to individuals. In the mean time, the veteran lawmaker is giving nourishments among 20 thousand jobless and white collar class groups of Fatulla and Siddhirganj. 

Neighborhood social associations and people got Tk 4 million money support from the administrator as per particular needs. 

In an individual activity, the AL official had disseminated 500 joins of individual defensive hardware (PPE) among crisis specialist organizations including specialists, police and columnists. 

Somewhere in the range of 1 thousand sellers and 2 thousand vehicle laborers get food support from the legislator while a sum of 38.5 thousand families get alleviation under social duties program. 

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) President Salim Osman, another individual from Osman family, additionally remains by the individuals however disseminating 120 metric huge amounts of rice among crown hit poor in 17 wards and 7 associations under Narayanganj City Corporation. 

The family orchestrated works for 600 taught adolescents in the period of Ramadan while somewhere in the range of 20 thousands families will get Tk 900 money support through versatile ledgers in the following 7 days. 

No. 13 ward councilor Maqsudul Alam Khandakar Khorshed additionally got Tk 10 lakh money related assistance from the family for organizing burial services regardless of religion. 

Additionally, a reserve of Tk 2 million was given to help specialists and medical attendants under the oversight of area organization. 

From the individual store, official Salim Osman conveyed an aggregate of Tk 22.8 million among oppressed individuals in various territories incorporating Tk 6.3 million in city partnership territory, Tk 9.9 million in association parishad region, Tk 900 thousand in upazila parishad zone, Tk 2.7 million for volunteers and Tk 2 million for specialists and medical attendants. 

Tow legislators of Narayanganj have taken a few activities to guarantee social separation and enlivened individuals to remain at home. They likewise gave live discourse via web-based networking media mentioning to set up a crown testing lab in the closest port town. 

Nearly 4 private associations have given workforces to gather the crown test when official Shamim Osman made a call to serve the individuals. Furthermore, the government official likewise dispensed 2 ambulances for clinical exercises during the crisis. 

Narayanganj Club and other open and private associations were orchestrated the settlement of surgeons, medical caretakers, and staff individuals from the 300-bed clinic in Khanpur of the locale town, which has become a hotspot for coronavirus. 

The 300-bed emergency clinic has been assigned for the treatment of Covid-19 patients where 40 specialists and 300 clinical staff individuals are presently attempting to beat the clock to treat coronavirus licenses. Nearby legislator Shamim Osman coordinated the specialists worried to loan backing to the clinical staff who are battling the executioner ailment on the bleeding edge. 

Specialists and attendants are remaining at Narayanganj Club, Chasara Dak Banglow, Jalkuri Juba Unnayan Bhaban, Tan Bazar Meena Hotel while clinical colleagues at Circuit House. 

City Corporation councilor Maqsudul Alam Khandakar said the neighborhood legislators Shamim Osman, Salim Osman and their relatives have demonstrated brave job to battle the crisis of crown circumstance. 

Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad General Secretary Debasish Saha said the clinical staffs including specialists and attendant are in most powerless circumstance to serve the individuals. Neighborhood legislators bolstered the cutting edge dissident in the war against crown. 

Narayanganj Commerce College Principal Prof Shirin Begun said the conventional family has been contributed for the advancement of individuals for quite a while and setting models for other people.

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