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Husband's private portion broke as spouse did this thing amid sex || Banglanews

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Husband's private portion broke as spouse did this thing amid sex

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In order to have sex, the youth of today establish a physical relationship. Although today's youth are aware to a large extent about sex, but in some cases even the slightest mistake cost them dearly.

 One such case came up in America when a couple were having a relationship and suddenly there was a scream in the whole house. Since sex is a very pleasurable moment and both the partners feel very blissful. In such a moment, the wife wanted to do something with her husband so that their thrill would increase even more.

In the information received, such action of wife became very heavy for her husband in extreme enthusiasm. Due to this sudden act done by the wife, her husband's private part was broken. Yes, it would be a little surprising to know this, but it is absolutely a reality. As soon as the husband's penis was broken, the entire bed was filled with blood. Seeing the bed full of blood, the wife got scared and there, her husband was in a bad condition. This incident was informed by the 42-year-old man himself, who was having sex with his wife.

According to information received from sources, the man said that during sex, his wife came in more excitement and took the wrong position, due to which her private part was broken. As soon as the man's penis was broken, he screamed very loudly and blood splattered all around. After this, his wife became very scared and he felt that it was all due to his mistake. Immediately, the person was rushed to the nearest hospital where his treatment started. The doctors had to undergo a man's operation which took a long time. But thankfully his operation was successful.

Doctors said that due to excessive excitement, both took the wrong position, due to which the accident occurred. However now that person is fully fit. Doctors said that after the operation was successful and due to complete rest, he is now completely normal and is also able to establish a relationship again. But some precautions must be taken during sex.

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