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MP Durjoy accumulates colossal illicit riches in his significant other's name || Banglanews

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MP Durjoy accumulates colossal illicit riches in his significant other's name

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Administrator and previous cricketer Naimur Rahman Durjoy has amassed a colossal measure of illicit riches for the sake of his significant other Farhana Rahman Happy through getting land in Manikganj.

Charges are overflowing that Durjoy, a MP from Manikganj-1 body electorate, is running the illicit land snatching by his uncle and Manikganj region Awami League sorting out secretary Taibur Rahman Tipu. 

The issue of the land snatching is currently a loosely held bit of information matter all over Manikganj area. In the event that anybody needs to sell land in the region, they need to give a 'share' to the MP. 

On the off chance that anybody denies giving the offer, they can't sell their property. On the off chance that the individuals need to make any issue over offer of land, the land goes to the ownership of MP Durjoy. 

As indicated by sources at neighborhood organization, no individual or business association from outside the region comes to purchase land in the zone because of dread of snatching as selling and purchasing land are exceptionally low in the locale. 

Local people affirmed that getting the administration grounds and stream disintegration assets, markets or different khas terrains of government offices like Bangladesh Shipping Authority (BIWTA) and streets and expressways is an every day matter for the individuals of MP Durjoy. 

Land workplaces and nearby sources said Durjoy has snatched more than 100 sections of land of khas land in Daulatpur zone alone in the last five to a long time since he was chosen MP. 

There have additionally been occurrences of filling the waterways and channels of the Upazila Sadar and selling the terrains as position. A major market was set up in Daulatpur Bazar snatching and filling the administration channels abusing the region organization boycott. Durjoy's uncle Tipu additionally allocated position of shop by taking Tk 5-6 lakh for every shop. 

Also, Tipu's powers have involved BIWTA land worth a few crores of cash in Aricha and Paturia Ghat territories where position allotment for in excess of a hundred shops is currently in progress. 

The land adjoining Jafarganj stream port, which was lost in the Jamuna River a couple of years prior, has been possessed by the MP's uncle without legitimate records. It has been claimed that the place where there is the stream is being sold by giving composition on the stamp. 

There are charges that Durjoy's better half Farhana Rahman Happy is additionally engaged with land snatching in the locale. 

Numerous grounds in the Tara-Muljan modern region have been gotten for the sake of Happy while numerous costly terrains of Roads and Highways contiguous the Dhaka-Aricha roadway have been snatched in her name. 

It is found out that there is an arrangement to fabricate a shopping center for the sake of Durjoy's better half on this land in Muljan region. As she is the spouse of a neighborhood MP, the Roads and Highways Department is a lot of frustrated about the land recuperation. 

In any event five sections of land of land have been involved at any rate four focuses on the six-kilometer parkway from Tara Cross scaffold to Manikganj Sadar transport stand. Those grounds are circumscribed by spiked metal perimeters. 

There are additionally charges against Happy that she sold soil from rural land. Soil is being sold by possessing at any rate three spots of cropland behind the super feed processing plant on the Dhaka-Aricha expressway. 

It is asserted that Durjoy claimed a gigantic measure of riches for the sake of his better half. In the wake of being chosen a MP just because, the normal salary of the MP increments right around multiple times each year. 

Aside from this, he has likewise kept unlawful riches for the sake of his better half, uncle and other relatives. Be that as it may, in the sworn statement submitted to the Election Commission, Durjoy couldn't show any appropriate wellspring of pay of his significant other. 

There are charges that Durjoy and his significant other laundered cash in Malaysia for building a 'second home' there. 

When gotten some information about these charges, Durjoy's uncle Tipu denied the claim. He asserted that he had just 'settled' debates between party laborers over land in Aricha and Paturia regions. 

MP Durjoy told the media that the National Board of Revenue would investigate his riches. Then again, on the off chance that somebody fouls up by utilizing his name, he needs to know their name. He additionally said he will make a move if establishes any objection. 

MP Durjoy said the wellspring of salary will be seen by the NBR. The NBR sees the wellspring of salary, where did the pay go? 

When gotten some information about the 'second home' in Malaysia, he needs to think about the wellspring of the objection.

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